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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Afternoon Snack

I'm so excited! I met Anna from Cookie Madness today! It made me really happy. As a nice surprise, she brought some of the Almond-Lemon Poundcake that we had been chatting about on her blog.

I was thinking about making a similar recipe that Anna's been wanting to try, so that we could do a taste test. But this one is so good, I don't really see the point of making the other one. It has nice poundcake texture, and nice hit of citrus. I love Everything Citrus.

She gave me more than one piece, so it's not just afternoon snack, I'll have some for breakfast tomorrow, too. SWEET! Thanks, Anna!


At 2/08/2006 8:18 PM, Blogger Anna said...

Michaela's cake is really good. That's why I was thinking it would be good to just make her small and practical cake and drink the limoncello straight.

Still, someone needs to do a proper compare/contrast sort of thing.

At 2/08/2006 10:43 PM, Anonymous Ivonne said...

Wish I could have a slice of that cake right about now ...

At 2/09/2006 11:45 AM, Blogger it's only fuel said...

This cake looks reminiscent of the yoghurt cake you posted up a while back. I, too, love everything citrus. As a matter of fact...I'm snacking on an ice cold orange right now:)

At 2/09/2006 6:51 PM, Blogger Iron Benny said...

Oh my gosh, not sure I can hang out on this blog too much. Far too much temptation here. I'll be strong. Anyway, thanks for stopping by my sight and providing helpful advice and insight. Just so you know, I'm not too worried about the race, but I am anxious for it to arrive. I know I've prepared well and I know I will do well, but there will always be nerves. Thanks


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