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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Pan-Seared Cod with Creamy Fennel Ragout

I made this again. I probably repeat recipes more than I should, instead of trying new ones. But sometimes I get so brain-dead and I just want to cook and I just want to eat something I know will be yummy. This is.

I used cod this time. The only deviation from the recipe is that I used some (1T) of Pernod to deglaze the pan after browning the fennel. The only reason I did is that I tend to accumulate liqueurs that I only use once. Like the kirsch for fondue. I won't use that again until Sheri visits. (Would you hurry up already???)

I bought Pernod for shrimp bisque at Christmas, so I wanted a way to use it again. I should have written a little story about it then, but I didn't, so I will now. When Gary, Eric and I went to Paris, we particularly enjoyed one bistro where the waiter, Corentan, gave us a LOT of attention. He recommended that Gary have a traditional aperitif of Ricard', which is just another brand name of Pernod. That is some serious stuff, if you dare drink it straight up. I admit, when Eric and I bought it for the bisque, he thought we should taste it again, and our reaction was the same as it was in Paris. As an ingredient in a recipe, however, it is yummy.

I can fully understand that some people don't care for Viognier. It has a definite flowery aroma. However, in its defense, it is a perfect match with fennel. And I adore fennel.


At 1/30/2005 11:52 AM, Blogger Sheri said...

I can't blame you for making this again. It's so good. And I'm one of those people who doesn't really like Viogner.

That's a huge bottle of kirsch we got! It'll make a lot of fondue!


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