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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Chocolate Streusel Coffee Cake

After reading so many positive reviews of this cake, and being eager to bake more from this book, I made this yesterday to take to a birthday breakfast today.

It's fine. Really. It's fine.

But I wouldn't make it again. I've made other sour cream coffee cakes that were just as good and less fussy.

Fussy #1: It calls for an odd-sized bundt pan, not the typical 10-cup pan that most of us have. And then you're supposed to make 2 cupcakes with the extra batter, because all together it's not enough to fill up a regular pan. Or you can make 12 cupcakes. Then it's not really coffee cake, is it?

Fussy #2: It calls for 8.5 ounces of sour cream. A standard container is 8 ounces. Do I really need another half ounce? Seriously?

Fussy #3: It calls for an egg plus an egg white. Oh come on. Can't I throw the other yolk in there, so I don't have to think of something to do with it other than making a trip to the compost pile?

I think I had a Fussy #4 and maybe a Fussy #5. But for now, Mike said I could have a nap once it was past noon (it's past noon!!!) and I haven't soaked my sore feet yet.

Chocolate Streusel Coffee Cake, Rose's Heavenly Cakes


At 1/17/2010 4:29 PM, Blogger Toni said...

8.5 oz! Ha, that's RLB for ya. Perfection to the point of absurdity.

At 1/17/2010 6:40 PM, Blogger meredith said...

mean, mean Mike pulled out his piece of your cake after my 24-miler. Then quickly threw it back into his car when he realized that eating it infront of me would just me plan old mean.

It did look beautiful, though :)


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