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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Chocolate Banana Swirl Cake

This morning I brought a post-run snack for Team Rogue. Being one of the least fast runners on the team, combined with the fact that my run was one of the longest anyone was doing (16 miles) meant that both most of the people and also most of the cake were long gone by the time I got back. I guess that means they liked it?

Chocolate Banana Swirl Cake
from The Weekend Baker by Abigail Johnson Dodge


At 2/17/2009 1:41 PM, Blogger Mark said...

I liked it! I hope neither Mike nor Steve tattletaled on me! Thanks, it was delicious :)

At 2/17/2009 4:22 PM, Blogger Amy said...

I was hardly in the door before Steve tattled on you.

At 2/17/2009 9:07 PM, Blogger MikeW said...

I enthusiastically joined in... on the eating. I was yummy.

At 2/20/2009 2:47 PM, Blogger StephW said...

That was yummy in the tummy!! I loved it. Thanks again!!

At 2/21/2009 2:46 PM, Blogger Sadie J said...

The cake was very good. Thanks for making it for us. yum yum


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