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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Rosemary Chicken Salad

Gary is having bridge party here tonight, and asked for some help with dinner. It needed to be something I could have made ahead of time, because I won't be home today. So I suggested chicken salad on a bed of mixed lettuces, with a dinner roll and fruit.

Very yummy mix of flavors: roasted chicken, minced rosemary, smoked almonds, and green onions. I didn't think it was moist enough and added quite a bit more dressing. I guess that defeats the purpose of "cooking light", but oh well.
  • Rosemary Chicken Salad (Cooking Light Magazine, April 2005, p. 170)


At 5/07/2005 7:30 PM, Blogger Sheri said...

I haven't read that issue yet, but I'm going to make a note on it to make it!


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