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Not As Good As Pork Cracklins

misadventures in cooking

Saturday, July 05, 2008


Jess is out of town, so she invited me to pick up her farmshare from Johnson's Backyard Garden. My instructions were easy to follow:
Bring a few canvas bags for your veggies. Take a box, load up the veggies in your bag…break down the box and put it in the pile. The half dozen eggs will be in the cooler along with the coffee. There will be a clip board to initial that you picked up. Sometimes there is a bucket of flowers and instructions as to how many you get. If there is a box of melons you get one. There is also a trade box. If there is something that you know that you don’t want check that box for something you do want. Do what you feel like is an even exchange. That’s it.

The eggs & coffee aren't in the picture. The melon is not in the picture either - because Gary took it away too quickly! There are straight-neck yellow squash, zephyr squash, onions (partially obscured), zucchini, four types of tomatoes (which I have already sampled and WOW! are they good), basil, cucumbers, pattypan squash (one right side up, one upside down), sweet peppers, hot peppers and bell peppers, and 3 types of eggplant.

Very exciting! I can hardly wait to get cooking!


At 7/05/2008 8:52 PM, Blogger Ashley said...

What a beautiful picture! I just made my first Big Tomato Sandwich of the season....it was yummy. We have a nice veg/fruit stand around the corner. The twins and I went on Wed. in search of peaches. I thought of you as we looked at all the vegetables.

Miss you!


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