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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Chocolate Bundt Cake

Chocolate Bundt Cake with Ganache Glaze


At 8/22/2009 12:51 PM, Blogger Mike_Is_In_Austin said...

you are evil!

i think it's called bundt (pronounced punt), because you're supposed to punt some on over this direction!
; )

At 8/29/2009 1:18 PM, Anonymous Anna said...

Amy, what did you think of the glaze? I made a different Bundt cake today with a similar glaze. However, the glaze I used today was too thick and I'm going to recommend using this one (the chocolate ganache glaze). Did you like it? I loved it.

At 8/29/2009 5:20 PM, Blogger Amy said...

Hi Anna~

I thought it was pretty much perfect :)


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